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Are you in a relationship with an addict?

Have your attempts at helping that person failed?

Do you feel powerless?

Living with an addict can be crazy. Your world becomes consumed with lies,
uncertainty, and chaos. Ashamed, you keep it a secret. It only makes sense that in such an unhealthy environment, overtime you would start to feel hopeless.

You can transcend co-addiction!

Learn to:

  • Regain control of your life
  • Detach from the problems of addiction
  • Create an environment that encourages a positive change in the addict
  • Tap into your inner strength
  • Enjoy life again!
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Espich is married to a recovering addict who abused alcohol, cocaine, and prescription pills for the first 16 years of their marriage. Here, she tells the poignant story of her years of struggle, detailing the beginnings of the addiction, the family struggle with the disease, the challenge to keep her marriage alive, the strength she found in her faith, how she managed to find the right source of help for her husband and her family, and her process of treatment for co-addiction. Espich’s honest writing about addiction is further strengthened by her lay approach. The result is a book that manages to find a significant niche among the wealth of other titles on drug addiction that are predominantly written by professional therapists with a particular treatment approach. Highly recommended to the families and friends of addicts.
     Library Journal Review, Dale Farris, Groves, TX

When one half of the soul is addicted, it is both their problems. "Soaring Above Co-Addiction: Helping Your Loved One Get Clean, While Creating the Life of Your Dreams" is a guide for couples who want to overcome addiction and the crippling pattern it brings to their relationship and their family. Preaching the power that a supportive couple can bring, "Soaring Above Co-Addiction" has a powerful message and is very highly recommended.
      Midwest Book Review

This amazing book about codependency is wonderfully honest and empowering. We don't have to stay stuck in unhealthy patterns. we can all cut the cord and soar. Freedom at last!
Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. author of "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®" and "Embracing Uncertainty"

In this enlightening and down-to-earth book, Lisa reveals a treasure trove of possibilities to the reader who may feel hopeless, beaten down and defeated. Through her own real-life example, she takes us on her journey of creative discovery and ultimate victory¾in spite of the odds that were stacked against her. Lisa leads by example…showing how you can understand and empathize¾but not enable your loved-one, walk away from a situation without anger, take control and finally feel good about yourself.

This book is packed with hundreds of practical, and easy to implement tips for being prepared¾so that you have a plan-of-action, no matter what. Once a person realizes that they really can control how they react to these outside influences, positive changes happen and a new sense of calm and confidence are born. Soaring Above Co-Addiction is a much-needed book that fills a void in this genre of literature and will be treasured by many.

      Joe Herzanek, author of the award winning book, Why Don’t They Just Quit? What families and friends need to know about addiction and recovery.

Incredibly readable and refreshingly honest. This book will be of great benefit, not only to those suffering from co-addiction, but to anyone facing adversity.
      Mark Meincke, award winning author of Why Not Me? The keys to unlock your power and release your potential.

In Lisa's "Soaring Above Co-Addiction" the reader can find answers written in her straight forward style that apply to real life problems. This book would appeal, not only to those dealing with an addict, but those living in the shadow of another waiting for someone to make them happy. Through her personal stories, and the stories of others, Lisa shares how you can take your life back no matter what is going on around you. Real solutions to real problems...great!
      Barb Rogers, author of "If I Die Before I Wake: A Memoir of Drinking and Recovery"

"Soaring Above Co-Addiction" is an amazing narrative that will lift the mind and raise the spirit of every reader. Lisa effectively integrates timeless wisdom, spiritual concepts and proven recovery techniques into a format designed to help you overcome fear and take back your life.
      Brian McAlister, author of "Full Recovery: Creating a Personal Action Plan For Life Beyond sobriety"

"Soaring Above Co-Addiction' shares the author’s experience of pursuing peace and happiness in the face of incredible turmoil. I was moved by the intensity of Lisa’s situation and the strength she had to re-direct her mindset and shift her life direction toward success. The power of her intentions and the results she has achieved are remarkable. I believe that every person can use the tools and advice she shares to improve their personal relationships and gain additional self-belief and empowerment. Whether you have an addict in your life or not, I would highly recommend this book.
      Leah Bruns, President & Founder of Puttin' on the Bliss